Corporate Investigation

Pre Employment  Verification

The Candidates submit a false resume at the time of interview to get the job or he or she has done the frauds in his previous organization or due to his bad habits the company had thrown him or her out

In pre-employment verification, we investigate:-

  • Academic information like mark sheets, degrees, diplomas and related certificates submitted by the candidate.
  • Verifies previous company information of the candidate like the reason for resigning, his / her behaviour in last company, the salary of last company, the total tenure of employment and designation held by the previous company.
  • Background and criminal record of the candidate using court records.
  • Address verification and identity verification verification.
  • Whether a candidate is a drug addict or not.

It is necessary to do pre-employment verification to protect the goodwill of the company

Cheating Employee Investigation

India is moving faster in corporate world. So huge amount of percentage of people is moving towards corporate world. But what if employee is cheating to its company. It will be tough for the company to identify the real culprit.

Most of the time, such cheatings go unnoticed to subsequently cause big damage to the concerned company and benefit the rivals or themself. They leak company secrets and send vital information to rivals. Major IT & Software firms face the problem in such cases. Many employees taking up as a side business alongside doing the job and steal their customers by offering them less amount for their work. Theft and Pilferage are also other causes. Snipax Investigation not only find out the real culprit but also take possible actions to avoid the leak of company secrets.

Property Verification

Buying a property is a good idea but the process is too difficult dealing with government registrations, being able to get all your documents for your properties. One always ends up confused and frustrated with the long and lengthy process.

Also, a property’s owner could be someone else other than the one who actually is. It is very important to verify the real owner.

Through us you can get the following tasks done :-

– property documents verification

– property ownership verification

– property documents checklist

– land document verification

Snipax Investigation make your work much easier.For all the issues related to property verifications, any sort of inconvenience contact us and we will see to it your work is complete in the given time.

Bank Fraud

In Today’s world, it is easy to take loans. This has made favourable for the scammers to fake documents by using someone else’s credentials and getting finance in their name.

We help you get to the person who has forged documents on your name and get your money back from them.

We also investigate further details like:-

Cheque missing cases

Cheque bouncing cases.

Bank loan default cases.

Loans default by companies.

Breach of commercial contracts.

Breach of agreements.

Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud can be broadly defined as an intentional act of deception involving financial transaction for the purpose of personal gain. Fraud is a crime and it is also a violation of civil law.

Financial frauds include forgery, money laundering, bribery, conflict of interest and embezzlement.

Many times it has also been experienced that investment brokers may present a very lucrative picture to his clients with an opportunity to purchase shares / bonds of an X Company and projects the return as double of the investment in shortest possible time.

Snipax Investigation expertise to deal with such cases.

Insurance Claim

Nowadays, people make false claims in an insurance company. Insurance companies have a slight idea for the fraud claims which are made by individuals as well as the companies, so as to get monetary claims as a result, the Insurance sector undergoes a loss for the excess costs incurred. We found that many claimants would claim the money from insurance company on false documents of death certificate.

We not only identify the fraudulent insurance cases, but also help you solve the same. We handle all lines of insurance, including property insurance, workers compensation, automobile insurance, general liability insurance, and others.

Trademark & Copyright Issues

Generally trademark infringement takes place when any organization use same product, services symbol, logo which is already registered by another company. Our detective specialist are highly expert of legal and they have the capability of filing lawsuit on fake organization and compel them to pay financial penalties and compensation.

Snipax Investigation determine the first date of a trademark’s use; obtain documents from governmental agencies regarding any and all filings of the trademarked material; in addition to providing information regarding the supply and distribution of a given trademarked product.

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