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0e, u8, j, m4, r8, c2w, 9j, 3n9, 8, Legal Assistance - Snipax Investigation

Legal Assistance

Court Cases/Litigation Support

Many times people fight for their rights but due to lack of evidences, they’re no longer capable to submit the real documents in the court and frequently after giving their best at last, they lose the case. That’s why to support them in an innovative way & to make them win in the case, Our investigation team work deliberately to collect proofs and submit in the court and eventually win the case.

Sometime genuine and strong litigation cases are lost in the court of law in the absence of concrete evidence and supporting information, which one finds difficult to obtain on his own.

Snipax Investigation can help our valued clients in obtaining the required information to strengthen their cases pertaining to alimony, divorce & child custody, land & property disputes, bank & insurance frauds, succession & inheritance and other civil & criminal cases

Locating Eye Witness

Snipax Investigators are experts in locating witnesses of a crime, when they are either unknown to the prosecutors or police authorities or are trying to avoid getting involved in the case.

We investigate about the prosecutor’s evidence and witnesses that will be presented against their clients in court. On the other end, we also collect and present all possible evidence and witnesses in favour of their clients and hand it over to the lawyers. The better prepared the lawyers and attorneys at law are, the more chances of a favourable outcome they will have.

We locate the address and details of the eye witness and investigate further.

Record Search & Verification

Record search and verification is done when you need to verify the records of an individual or an organization.

This process is needed when you keep a new maid or employee or thinking to invest in a company or being a business partner. Record search can help you retrieve old documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Documents, Registration of Vehicle and Professional Documents.

We check a variety of files regarding individual bankruptcy or even prison recognition; almost any details related to any person or even location.

In this way you are able to get virtually any legal doc or even examine identical. The following record incorporates a few a variety of files or even documents.

Child Custody

Every child deserves to be safe, happy and healthy in a home that respects it and their presence. But sometimes, divorce, abuse, or addiction of the guardian can put that at risk. Children are often disputed area that affects both emotions and money.

We gather evidence through surveillance, interviews and neighbourhood canvass to find evidence and residents who have witnessed dangerous behaviour that could lead to unsafe conditions for the child.

Debugging Services

You sometimes doubt of being ‘watched’ secretly?

Yes, bugs (or electronic eavesdropping devices) can be used to harm you personally, professionally or financially. These small devices can be kept hidden in any room, container or any other ‘suitable’ place in either your home or office. This poses a potential threat to your privacy.

Video or audio can be recorded or captured, or transmitted live for dubious gains. Such bugs, if not detected timely, can truly be devastating for your prospects in the world.

Snipax Investigation has a special team which uses advanced technics and investigate each and every minute corner of your property and find out the bugs.

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